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Angarde x Dani Garreton : the collab' of the summer

At Angarde, as you know, co-creation is at the heart of our values. For this summer, it is to the Chilean artist, Dani Garreton that we decided to lend the brush. We let you discover her !

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Above all, Angarde, is the story of a brother and sister who grew up in the Basque Country, facing the sea.

Dani, on the other hand, grew up near the ocean. But in this case, you have to change hemisphere and imagine yourself on the Chilean coast. Very quickly, she falls in love with the ocean - and with nature in general - for the first time.

So when Alexandre - the co-founder of the brand - discovered her work, the idea of a co-creation for the summer was immediately born.

Who is Dani Garreton?

After studying in Hamburg, Germany, Daniela alias Dani,settles in San Sebastian (Spain - Basque Country), to establish her new artistic residence in 2010.

From her studio, she draws, scribbles and paints her projects in orange and blue. Her universe evokes the beauty of nature, a passion for the ocean and marine life. Minimalist and airy, her style is nonetheless intense.

Dani's work has been shown in numerous galleries and published in several magazines in Europe, the United States, Australia, Brazil and Japan.

We asked Dani to describe her world in three words. Her answer? Family, nature and creativity.

Indeed, Dani is a happy mother of a soon to be two year old baby. Between creation and family life, she confides to us that for her, each day is a madness!

But whether it's lunch or a walk on the beach, she's enjoying every moment.

"My favorite part of the day is when I hear my baby's little voice say "Mommy"...and also when she follows her daddy around and then I finally have some time to myself!" - Dani

In short, a daily life filled with love... and humor!

I discover the collab'

A collaboration turned to the sunset

For Dani, sunset is an iconic and even magical moment. A moment that we can experience from anywhere and that we all want to admire.

"Fire and water, these forces of nature that are one" - Dani

Illustrating this moment was an obvious choice for her. She was inspired to create and imagine this collaboration which is a true ode to the beauty of nature.

For this unique collection, we wanted to offer two unisex models, able to be worn all summer: a sneaker and an espadrille.Two models that we are very proud of!

The sneaker with a thousand suns

Set on the back of the sneaker, Dani's pattern blends perfectly with the off-white of the upper, which reminds us of the grains of sand on the most beautiful beaches of the Basque Country.

The Angarde x Dani Garreton sneaker is handcrafted in our production workshop located in Porto, Portugal. The upper of the shoe is made of recycled cotton and the outsole of recycled rubber.

What about the espadrille?

For the espadrille, we followed Dani's sketches which remain in the same spirit. Between the lines of this face on the ocean, we can read the appeasement that the sunset gives us.

Placed on the front of the shoe, this pattern comes to dress the espadrille while discretion. This elegant model is also made of recycled cotton and handcrafted in our workshop in Spain.

All these elements make these models in collaboration with Dani Garreton, stylish, sustainable, vegan and environmentally friendly shoes.

And if you're asking what her favorite pair is, Dani's answer is our favorite and it made us laugh:

"It's like asking a parent to pick a favorite child [...] no matter what I draw, I always have an emotional connection to my creations [...] I love them both" - Dani

You souhait to travel?

If Dani and her universe have transported you as much as we have, you can discover herinterview on our instagram account. She could welcome us in the middle of her brushes and paintings and we assure you, her communicative smile will put you in a good mood!

To get these pairs, it's just one step (and one click!) away.

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