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upcycled or eco-designed materials

Recycled fabrics

Espadrilles, slippers or sneakers, we favour recycled materials to produce from what already exists and to promote an innovative and responsible approach in the design of our models.

Recycled linen (for our espadrilles and mules)

Linen is an ecological natural fiber for several reasons: the plant grows naturally and does not require irrigation or pesticides. It is also a noble, light and resistant textile: its absorption capacity (much higher than cotton) makes it a perfect material for summer. Our partner, Poveda Textil, located in southern Spain, uses linen scraps to make a 100% recycled linen.

Recycled cotton (for our espadrilles, slippers and pouches)

We use recycled cotton from Poveda Textil in southern Spain for the upper part of our espadrilles. Our socks are also made of recycled cotton from Ceitex near Florence in Italy. Finally the lining of our slippers is made of recycled cotton from Textigor in Spain.
Cotton is one of the worst crops in the world (needing a lot of water and pesticides), so it is better to recycle it and thus avoid new harvests and preserve natural resources.

"Upcycled grape leather
(for our sneakers)

Our partner, Vegea, is located in Milan, Italy. This innovative and vegan textile material is made from grape pomace (mainly seeds and skin). It is recovered, dried and then crushed into a fine powder. This is mixed with vegetable oil and water-based polyurethane to obtain a final composition of 55% grape marc, 22% bio PU and 23% recycled polyester. It is a textile material that is similar to grained leather, but is very resistant and easy to clean.

Recycled wool
(for our slippers)

It comes from Bigagli in Italy, a wool specialist since 1973: a soft and warm recycled wool, certified Global Recycled Standard. For each kg of recycled wool produced, 500L of water and 50kg of CO2 are saved !

Bamboo fiber (for our espadrilles)

Poveda Textil, located near Alicante in Spain, is our partner for the inner lining of our espadrilles. This material is composed of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% recycled polyester. Bamboo fiber has the particularity of consuming very little water for its cultivation and being 40% more absorbent than organic cotton while being antibacterial: it is therefore a very breathable and very soft lining.

Recycled plastic bottles (for our sneakers)

Used plastic bottles are collected, crushed and spun into cotton-like textiles by our Spanish partner Comertex. This new textile material is resistant, breathable and environmentally friendly (no water, pesticides or toxic dyes).

"Upcycled pineapple leather
(for our sneakers)

Our partner Piñatex ® buys back unused pineapple leaves from Filipino farmers to extract the fiber. This fiber is then transformed into a 100% natural, biodegradable and vegan textile material, which does not require the cultivation of specific lands.

"Upcycled cactus leather
(for our sneakers)

Awarded by the LVMH Innovation Prize, this vegan leather is made from cactus leaves. The cactus are cultivated organically in Mexico (no irrigation, no pesticides). Dried and then crushed, the leaves are then transformed into a textile material without the addition of chemicals. The result looks just like animal leather except that it is vegan, sustainable and very easy to clean.

Recycled rubber
(for our sneakers)

Bolflex in Portugal, specialist in rubber soles since 1992, has developed a sole made from 70% recycled rubber and 30% virgin rubber that we use for our sneakers.

Recycled latex
(insoles of all our models)

Arneplant in Spain has developed an insole made of recycled latex, with memory foam and an arch support to provide the best comfort. Today Arneplant is one of the European leaders in insoles for shoes.

Recycled cardboard

All of our boxes are made in Spain or Portugal from 100% recyclable cardboard.